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Pulsar Bangladesh’s NS160 Launch

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May 2021
Pulsar Bangladesh
Launch Campaign
Design, Strategy, Video Production
Pulsar Bangladesh’s NS160 Launch

We executed a highly successful UGC campaign for Bajaj in Bangladesh to promote the new and upgraded NS160 model of their Pulsar motorcycle brand. Strategic partnerships, including collaborations with top moto vloggers and influencers, amplified the campaign’s reach and impact, while Instagram user-generated content and news portal coverage ensured continuous engagement throughout the month.

The results of the campaign were outstanding, with a remarkable reach of 96.16% among the target audience, encompassing 11,543,475 people at a frequency of 5.15. The launch video and NS global film garnered over 4 million views, and the partnership with the NS club led to 1,625 shares of the videos. Additionally, the campaign generated 1,489 leads, achieved 378,489 views on YouTube from review videos, and received over 300 user-submitted photos. The campaign’s success was also extended to public relations coverage on top news portals such as Prothomalo, Bdnews24, banglatribune, and ittefaq, among others.

A dance of authenticity, strategic partnerships, and digital integration.

The thought process behind our NS160 campaign involved a strategic interplay of influencer collaborations, community-building with the NS club, and harnessing the power of user-generated content on Instagram. This holistic approach aimed not just at showcasing the product but at fostering a genuine digital community, transforming viewers into brand advocates.