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Learn Language of the Road

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February 2021
Bajaj Bangladesh
UGC Contest
Design, Strategy, Video Production
Learn Language of the Road

In celebration of Mother Language Day, we launched a unique campaign focusing on promoting road safety by introducing the concept of “road language,” i.e., understanding the different traffic signs. Recognizing the prevalence of road accidents in Bangladesh due to a lack of awareness about traffic rules, we collaborated with Bajaj Bangladesh to create engaging quiz content and interviews to shed light on this issue. The campaign aimed to educate and create buzz by encouraging people to learn this new language of road signs for safer rides.

The data from our campaign indicates the reach and engagement we achieved. The video garnered 260.9K views and reached 836.5K people, with 50K engagements. The quiz reached 495K people, with 79K engagements, while the static album reached 621K people, with 8K engagements. Our website received 2.5K visits, and over 100 manual downloads were recorded. Through our collaboration with “Bengal Beats,” we reached 165.6K people, with 8.2K engagements.

Crafting Conversations in the Language of Safety

At the heart of our Mother Language Day campaign lies a commitment to unraveling the unique “road language” of traffic signs, weaving together education and engagement for safer journeys in Bangladesh. The numbers speak volumes, echoing the success of our mission: educating, engaging, and transforming roads through the universal language of safety.