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IEM DGFP Bangladesh “Unheard Voices”

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February, 2020
Ministry of Family Planning
Design, Media Planning, Campaign Execution
IEM DGFP Bangladesh “Unheard Voices”

In an effort to address the issue of people feeling unsafe sharing personal problems on social media, we teamed up with IEM DGFP Bangladesh to launch a display campaign that amplified unheard voices. The campaign specifically targeted teenage girls and mothers in semi-urban and rural areas, empowering them to seek help and find solutions through the Poribar Porikolpona call center.

Throughout the campaign, we successfully heard over 5,000 voices, with a significant reach of 1,720,361 people. The campaign generated 14,465 clicks on the ads, connecting individuals directly to the call center for support and guidance. This initiative served as a platform to empower those who felt unheard, allowing them to find solutions and support for their personal problems.

Breaking Silence, Building Solutions: Empowering The Unheard Voices

The core emphasis was on creating a safe space for individuals to share their concerns. The campaign aimed to dismantle the barriers that inhibit open dialogue, fostering an environment where the marginalized felt empowered to speak up. Through targeted messaging and careful selection of outreach channels, the campaign strategically channeled engagement towards the Poribar Porikolpona call center.