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GD Shokti+ Adult Delight Launch

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April 2023
Grameen Danone
Product Launch
Photoshoot, Design, Media
GD Shokti+ Adult Delight Launch

Grameen Danone introduced Shokti+ Adult Delight, a yogurt enriched with micronutrients for health-conscious urban adults. To overcome the association with children, Potato Digital launched a one and a half month-long awareness campaign. We collaborated with fitness and lifestyle influencers and personalities who excelled in their own fields to create visuals and videos that showcased the balance between taste and nutrition. 

The campaign achieved a reach of 66.24% of the 5.5 million target audience, resulting in 1.1 million engagements, 479 message connections, and 21,538 products sold. The success demonstrated Potato Digital’s ability to connect and engage with the niche market, leaving a lasting impact on awareness and interest.

Highlighting Shokti+ as a fun and healthy snack for all demographics

The playful and active image we wanted to associate with Shokti+ was established through the campaign. Shokti+ became a desirable delicacy to young adults aside from kids.