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Bajaj Discover উচ্ছ্বাস CAMPAIGN

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May 2021
Bajaj Bangladesh
UGC Contest
Design, Strategy, Video Production
Bajaj Discover উচ্ছ্বাস CAMPAIGN

We executed a successful UGC campaign for Bajaj Discover motorcycles in Bangladesh. The first phase involved participants sharing bike pictures and favorite features, reaching 812K individuals and receiving 127K engagements. 

Eight finalists were chosen, featured in a moto-vlog. In the second phase, renowned moto-vloggers showcased destinations and product features. 

The campaign achieved 6.6 million video views (334% above target) and 125K interactions (260% above target), reaching 6.5 million unique users. Collaboration with influencers generated 2.2 million additional views and 9.9K interactions, with a 52% increase in organic video reach.

Crafting a Digital Triumph: UGC Meets Moto-Vlogging

The campaign’s success lies in the meticulous combination of user-generated content and influencer collaboration, creating a harmonious narrative that resonated with our target audience.