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Alvi Jewellers Bridal Campaign

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8 May 2023
Alvi Jewellers
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Alvi Jewellers Bridal Campaign

We have helped Alvi Jewellers establish a distinct brand identity characterized by its unique design philosophy and quality craftsmanship. The brand’s marketing efforts are aimed at a niche target audience: individuals seeking high-quality and handcrafted designs from a diverse range of jewelry.

Keeping the wedding season in mind which takes place throughout winter in the country, we launched a bridal campaign for Alvi. Through our strategic efforts, we played a pivotal role in helping Alvi Jewellers achieve a seamless blend of their versatile pieces into any theme. Our campaign showcased how these pieces complement the vibrant traditional colors and patterns, enhancing the overall aesthetics for a bride on her special day. We incorporated the staple of every Bengali wedding, the mehendi, with our theme so the audience could make the instant connection. This campaign was a success as it elevated Alvi Jewellers’ from only being modern and comparatively minimalistic to being bold and vibrant, enough to be the statement piece in a bride’s final look.

Using Bridal Attire and Mehendi, A Comprehensive Desi Bridal Look is Completed With Accessories From Alvi’s Broad Range of Versatile Pieces of Jewellery.

This campaign heavily resonated with to-be brides, with the intricate gold complementing the bright red aesthetics we were able to garner the attention of our target audience.